Listing with Triangle Diamond Realty Group

The process for selling your home with Triangle Diamond Realty Group begins with the contract negotiation before turning to the inspection and the appraisal. The final step is the walkthrough before your buyers close on the property. If you plan on listing your property with Triangle Diamond Realty Group, we will begin with a marketing consultation that includes professional staging assistance such as a photoshoot, online marketing, a virtual tour, an open house, and more. To put your property on the market, we will list it within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as several websites which will make your listing visible to home buyers.

When a buyer submits an offer for your home, we will email the offer and all the details to you. We’ll also be available to have a conversation with you about the offer, either in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. If you’d like to negotiate with the other party, we will do so verbally through their agent. We can put a counter offer together in writing and help both parties arrive at agreeable terms. Once both parties have signed, your property will be Under Contract with the buyer.

Once your property is under contract, the buyer will enter into a Due Diligence period. These are contingencies in the contract for the buyer to perform, which include inspections, satisfactory financing, and necessary insurance. The buyer will schedule an inspection they will attend with their agent, during which time the seller should plan on being out of the home. The seller should expect to receive an inspection report that details repairs that need to be made before the final walkthrough. The final walkthrough will take place either the night before or the morning before closing so the buyer can walk through the property and see the home is in the condition they expect it to be, including the agreed-upon repairs.

The final step is closing. We will stay in close contact with you to help you get to the final closing step and make sure the final step is a smooth one for you. From there, we’ll be able to complete the process of selling your home.

Coming Soon Status

One of the ways we can generate interest in your home before you even list it on the market is to place it on the MLS as Coming Soon. A home must be listed on the MLS within three days of a listing agreement being signed. By listing your home as Coming Soon, we can have your home on the MLS before allowing showings.

This is a great way to generate buzz for your property. We will place a Coming Soon sign in your yard to draw additional attention. The goal is to market your home to potential buyers before it’s even actually on the market. That way, you’ll already have a frenzied interest in your home once it actually is listed on the market. This is when we can change the status to Active. That’s when all the preparation work is completed and showings can be scheduled.

From the listing of your home until the deposit of funds in your bank account, Triangle Diamond Realty Group will be there with you every step of the way to protect your interests and ensure you get what you think you deserve for the sale of your home.